Monday, October 20, 2008

Back To Business! (Infinity Seed Soldiers Pics)

Hi all!!!!

It's been a long time since you've seen something new around, isn't it?

Let's start this new era with Infinity new models : Shasvastii Seed Soldiers.

They are two, for the Combined Army, basic soldiers of this army, coming out of some alien eggs on the battlefield, kind of Alien-the-movie-like eggs. They've got some cables in their back hanging out of their armor, symbolizing their origins and connectivity (remember the Neo's red pill and his cabled waking?)...

The poses weren't easy to find as the studio wanted them monobloc (1 piece), and the design was definitely not made for that. But I was pretty happy with the result.
For the second one, I used the same kind of twisted ankles move I did previously with the sniper of this army. The first one is more vicious, like it just got out from his egg and already sneaking on the battlefield...

But eventually the studio ended in separating heads from the bodies, they are now in two parts each.

More rules and gaming details here.

It's about 36 mm scale, made in Fimo.

And the official painted versions by Angel Giraldez.


The first one :

The second one :

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