Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Work(s) In Progress...!


a week ago, I wrote about my actuality, different projects I'm working on...

Wanna to know more...?

So, here are first WIP shots of Kingdom Death's Twilight Knight !
... And specially for you, pics of another (big) WIP...
More soon!



cianty said...

Cool stuff! The Twilight Knight looks very promising! Like it!

elia said...

like the anatomy and the dinamics very much!

how about the mannequin? is that the same that rackham use?- it's the one that I mostly use-

thank you a lot for step by step photos which show the creative process better than words (but worse than video -do you want to make one-?;)

Kingdom Death said...

Seeing it makes me so excited!

Pandera said...

Mais qu'est-ce que c'est que ce bout de WIP en bas de page?
Et en passant, tu les fixes avec quoi tes éléments en laiton? ++

"MIKH" said...

you mean the wire skeleton? It's homemade, I used to do same for my Rakcham models, but each sculptor does each skeleton himself with his own "style".
About video, as I wrote previously, I've shooted a tutorial for Miniature Mentor that should be out before the end of the year.

Pandi, Panda,
hé hé, c'est un teaser mon cher :)
En l'occurence, les tiges et autre tubes de laiton sont fixés à l'envie avec Superglue, Araldite ou Magic Sculp en fonction de l'utilité future...