Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Video Tutorial!

Hi There!

You may know now that my very first video tutorial is out from beginning of December at Miniature Mentor.
It's part of Secrets Of The Brotherhood and you can purchase it online by downloading.

And I can now show you few pics from it!

From a GW plastic dreadnought, I create a new one with my own designs and decorations directly inspired from the work I made on the official Forge World Dark Angel venerable dreadnought.
This tutorial shows you how and what technics, tools I use with Fimo, brass and Magic Sculp.

I hope you'll enjoy it, and that will be a source of motivation to create your own, and more!

Please, if you purchase it, give me your feed back for the next one to be even greater!



Anonymous said...

I've watched the Tutorial and have to say that i truly admire your work. The way you are approaching things is really inspiring, it encouraged me to always make that extra step and have a nicer overall finish.


"MIKH" said...

Happy to read you!