Monday, March 14, 2011



Back in the living world and in the sculpting,
I present you an old project made in 2009/2010 for Bastion Studio's game ExIllis: Lucifer.

This model was designed for metal production, and is rather tall for this usual scale: the game is a 30mm range miniature wargame and this special character is 44mm at eyes.
It was interesting to manage to make a model that needs to fit to this scale, not being a simple 45mm (or even 54mm) miniature...

The character design (from the studio) itself is not so much out of ordinary fantasy, but I liked the nice idea of showing Lucifer as a real Fallen Angel, in a kind of medieval way.

I really enjoyed sculpting it, and the whole "vest" is really textured like a smooth wool or felt, even if neither my pictures, nor the metal castings (I figure that as I still haven't received a sample) are showing it!
I worked the anatomy to try to get a realistic result about wings: muscles and bones from the back and the neck are made this way... Well, if any human being would have wings in his back, I figure that would be with this anatomy!!!! :)

Made in Fimo and Magic Sculp, 44mm at eyes, 30mm range miniature.

Will be back soon with new (very) interesting things ;)


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

EDOUARD GUITON ✖ - [ the art of edouard guiton ]

EDOUARD GUITON ✖ - [ the art of edouard guiton ]

Hello all,

it's been long since I posted here.
I will have several (I hope very) interesting things soon around, but this time is not about me or my work, but about a very close friend (who said family? :) ).
I met him and used to work with in Rackham, he is the very great and talented character designer and illustrator.
I give you: Edouard Guiton!

Too many nice words would need to be wrote about him and his talent to be right and fair, and I'm sure to not be able to pay the right tribute.

So better to go and just open your eyes!

Edouard just opened his official website with already too much very inspirative character designs and illustrations!
And lot of old concept arts from Rackham ;)

I hope you will agree,
this website needs to be in your favorite!