Monday, March 14, 2011



Back in the living world and in the sculpting,
I present you an old project made in 2009/2010 for Bastion Studio's game ExIllis: Lucifer.

This model was designed for metal production, and is rather tall for this usual scale: the game is a 30mm range miniature wargame and this special character is 44mm at eyes.
It was interesting to manage to make a model that needs to fit to this scale, not being a simple 45mm (or even 54mm) miniature...

The character design (from the studio) itself is not so much out of ordinary fantasy, but I liked the nice idea of showing Lucifer as a real Fallen Angel, in a kind of medieval way.

I really enjoyed sculpting it, and the whole "vest" is really textured like a smooth wool or felt, even if neither my pictures, nor the metal castings (I figure that as I still haven't received a sample) are showing it!
I worked the anatomy to try to get a realistic result about wings: muscles and bones from the back and the neck are made this way... Well, if any human being would have wings in his back, I figure that would be with this anatomy!!!! :)

Made in Fimo and Magic Sculp, 44mm at eyes, 30mm range miniature.

Will be back soon with new (very) interesting things ;)


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