Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Shot, a Girly Pilot of Mecha.

Hello everyone,

I'm very enthousiastic to see that this model, One Shot and her Mecha, has received a great welcome in the miniature area.

When I am writing those line, I know that Soda Pop Miniatures is completing its very soon release for the end of this very month of April.
And I'm very excited to have returns from people who will purchase it!

I just hope you will still enjoy it when in hands! :)

I still have some pictures to show you till this model is not out yet.

So here comes One Shot herself, pilot of this so special Mecha.

She is only a 1 piece model and completely dissociated from the Mecha, so people who'd like to just use one or the other of these 2 models will be pleased.
Of course, her design fits exactly the Robot.

Lot of pictures, different angles, close-ups, you even can see her with Fritz, her sidekick!
I do hope you will like them!

She is made in Fimo, 30 mm scale.

Enjoy her!

... Soon, the Mecha itself, lot of pics, tons of details! Stay tuned!

(As usual, get bigger pics and better resolution by clicking on each ones!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fritz, One Shot's Pet... Uh, I mean Little Friend! Don't shoot!


I'm so glad about One Shot's feed back from my last post!
Lot of really nice comments on Facebook, several forums, here...

So, now and before close-ups of the Mecha and One Shot herself, comes Fritz, her Litlle Sniper Acolyte!

A really funny character with this big helmet, reminding me a Looney Tune, very cartoonistic design.
It was fun to sculpt, and new for me. I don't remember using this kind of concept art...

Fritz will be available with One Shot.

As you could see on One Shot concept art in my previous post, he was originally standing on the canon.
But considering expected game rules, I had to anticipate a gaming plastic base and then came up the idea of the skull with the bullet hole.

I even so took a pic (photoshoped it to obtain a cleaner result) with Fritz on the Mecha's canon for the fun.
Might give ideas ;)

15 mm at the top of the spike, made in Fimo, Brass and Magic Sculp.

Enjoy this Little Guy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beauty And The (Metallic) Beast.

Hello to everyone.

It has been for a long time since I haven't talked and shown a trully new work.

Lot of people asked me about my whereabouts, about my current projects...
Here comes a very interesting and in the same time very special project for me: ONE SHOT.

I could write about this entire model so much pages, and during a so verrrrry long time... But never as long as it took me for getting it finished.

John, Soda Pop Miniatures boss, contacted me during 2009, when Soda Pop was actually in developpement.

And he asked me about Robots, Manga, Girls.

I, during my Rackham years, have been very frustrated by lot of projects I had to manage (sometimes —too often— had to finish) but could not sculpt them my own way... Armies like Undeads, dark ones, perverted... Or other kind of projects.
I had to focuse to the Light... Because I knew how to do it, others did not.

So here comes John, with a totally new project for me: building, studying, sculpting an entire Robot, with miniatures and not Japonese standards —yet close to a manga style—, developped for a non-plastic mass production but with the highest possible quality!!!! Add a sexy girl to that, half manga/half pin-up, and being able to manage the whole thing by my own from a great artwork he would provide.

Seduced, I went for this very difficult project, trully calling into question myself, my abilities, my experience by accepting something I never done, never managed, never approached.

And for this to be even more difficult, I choose to use an almost completely new material for me: Magic Sculp putty.
I by then only tried it for some blades/weapons when I was working in HellDorado Studio with JAG and Thomas, as they were using it often, and it totally convinced me.
But as it is epoxy putty, it's a completely different approach than Fimo...

So a new, difficult project to manage and sculpt basically, but also with a new material and then new technics for me!

... And more than 600-700 hours after, during 18 months, lot of tears, crisis in different ways, yelling after myself, after John (of course), shouting after whatever I could blame, whooping, and several (too much) elements broken (several times), I DID IT!

And I can see it was a kind of achievement for me.
I questionned myself several times during this period about my past and future as sculptor, my choices, but when I actually finished it, I was sure that it was worth.

Some of you might not appreciate this model, or think it's not so nice.

But I am very proud of it, how I managed to get this result from a simple illustration and more, to get it done for the mass production.
I, initially, designed the sculpt for a metal production, but I think the robot will be produced in resin. I can't confirm it right now, as I did not yet see the product when I am writing those lines.
I could not be more delighted by this resin news: the robot then will be perfect! Resin is the way for this sculpt!

The Robot is composed of 32 elements. ... 32!
The Pilot ,One Shot, and her Little Friend, Fritz, are both monobloc models.

I will detail each of these 3 models in later blog posts, with lot of pictures, close-ups, different views...
For now, it will just be pictures of the complete One Shot model.

I really do hope you will like this model, as I do myself.
If you choose to purchase one and better, to paint it, please, let me know what you think, any remarks, any thoughts. Or if you just want to let know what you think about this model, feel free to leave a comment.

About 6cm tall, 30mm scale, made in Magic Sculp, Fimo and Brass, 2009-2010.

Click on each pics to get a higher size and resolution... And Enjoy! :)

See you soon with lot of other pics!