Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome in my new space! (Wanna get old stuff links?) Oups ! MySpace Blog does not exist anymore !

Hello and welcome here, in my new blog.

I have decided to move my blog from myspace because its ergonomy wasn't really nice and easy to use.
I hope you'll like this new one more, with always a lot of pictures of my works, and that you'll get as much as pleasure to see them than I had to make them!

I won't update anymore the previous blog, but here is a list of all the entries I've made during these almost last 2 years from the oldest to the newest, still available for those who'd like to see old pics and links ;-).


My MySpace account has been erased (guess, I was not going there often enough :) ), as the blog attached of course.
If I can do it, I will try to update this very blog with the old stuff time to time...


25th December 2006 : PLEGIA, Plegia-More Pics!
26th December 2006 : Plegia-details, Plegia-details 2
27th December 2006 :  Plegia...Face!
6th January 2007 : Alternative Shasvastii Heads (Infinity)
3rd February 2007 : Last Infinity Model (PanO Doc)
21st April 2007 : GD Paris 2007-OFFExrah Jump Operator Model (Infinity)
2nd June 2007 : Assassin Spéculaire (Infinity Model), Assassin Spéculaire's Close-ups
5th June 2007 : M...aori!!!!!
5th July 2007 : I moved!!!!, Last models released : Infinity's Daktari and Shasvastii Sniper, Daktari and Sniper, more pics...
18th July 2007 : Infinity Last Models (Ariadna Doktor, PanO Fusilier)
19th July 2007 : Doktor and Fusilier's Close-ups
23rd July 2007 : Close-up of Doktor's right hand
18th September 2007 : Musashi Miyamoto Model (Infinity)
19th September 2007 : Musashi Bis : Close-ups
1st February 2008 : Irmandinhos 1 & 2 Models (Infinity)
2nd February 2008 : Exrah Vector Operator Model (Infinity)
9th February 2008 : Halloween 2007
11th February 2008 : DUST : Totenmeister Model
12th February 2008 : Irmandinhos 2 : Work In Progress (Step by step)
21st March 2008 : Unfinished model :-( (Privateer Press Ogre)
26th March 2008 : Malignos 2 (Infinity)
27th March 2008 : Kamau Hacker Model (Infinity)
28th March 2008 : Kamau Hacker : More Pics! ( bunch of it )
17th April 2008 : Conventions and Demos
23rd August 2008 : Exrah Voïd Model (Infinity)
24th August 2008 : News
25th August 2008 : Exrah Voïd bis, load of new pics and close-ups

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Anonymous said...

C'est pas trop tôt, j'ai jamais compris comment fonctionnent les blogs myspace :D.