Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Has anyone experienced it? (My Nemesis Got A Name)

Here I am...
Yesterday, I was having a chat with my colleagues about these guys who turn you depressive when you meet them or see their "activity" on the internet...

Let me explain : not talking about these great sculptors, great illustrators, talented people who actually are motivating and inspiring for yourself...
I'm talking about those who think they are good and talented in what they do... But they aren't. Definitely.
They can't be professional (at least I hope), but are very active as sculptors, painters, illustrators... Especially on internet, on some forums...

I particularly remember a guy I met during a convention I had to attend as head-sculptor for Rackham years ago.
It's always cool and nice to meet people who like what you're doing (even buy it), and being able to advise them is something I like, hoping to be useful and helpful.

And then, this guy comes on stage.

He showed me a miniature he had entirely sculpted, from an illustration of my good friend Edouard Guiton
Of course, in this kind of case, the work is never perfect, but usually it's interesting, and some parts are nice. Or at least, you can point out obvious weaknesses and work out some basic advice about anatomy, basic technics and tell to focus on it before being more ambitious.

Back to my nemesis now : he came, showed, and then waited for my "judgement".
But to be honest, after a day in a convention, it's not so easy to be diplomat when what you see is just crap. So I gently tried the basics : "okay, interesting... anatomy problems, you should try to work on it before being so ambitious... be careful, a sword is usually straight and the blade .... uh... balanced?... be careful with the proportions..."
He replied on each of my remarks, explaining me why, how, again why, to finish by "you know nothing about it and, whatever, I prefer that like that". Period.

During a long time... Too long time.

And then, when you don't know if you want to kill him or yourself just to end it, he says "I've got another one to show you".
And you're here, standing in the name of your company, you can't reject (or insult) the guy...
Hopefully, some nice person (girl) needs your help, and then saves you.

And few years after, you're watching a forum you regularly contribute to, and discover that this guy is still around, showing things, treating people who'd like to advise him the same way he used with yourself... I know it because I've read his thread, saw his "works". Yes, I'm a bit masochistic.
He replied directly to a post of mine. Sarcastically criticizing a work of one of my best friends.

What shall I do?



Anonymous said...

Who's this ?
Aller, balance.

"MIKH" said...

hé hé, nope, no name :)
I would have named him in the post if I wanted to...
That's actually not such an important thing the name, but the personnality!


Anonymous said...

Kick ass !