Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm still around!

Hello All,

Doing good?
...Me? Being busy!
Working and working, sculpting and sculpting, and occasionally, refurbushing my new place (a very nice one actually!)...

So, what will you see soon in these pages?

As you know, I'm now working in full time job on HellDorado, miniatures game taking place in Hell. Soon will be released my first models for this collection, and then, I will have a lot of pictures to show you!
But for the moment, you may want to have a look on the first pictures of the next wave, already online, models made by my colleagues Thomas David (Les Déserteurs (Deserters), Le Trappeur Russe (Russian Trapper)) and JAG (Charon).

But I'm still doing freelancing, and some of my latest work for Infinity will be released too. Actually some unofficial pictures are already dragging around on internet, but you'll have to find them by yourself! Do you know the official forum?

Oh... And have you heard about this game... It's online... It's fantasy... World of... Yeap, Warcraft....
Upper Deck is bringing it on table, in plastic prepainted models. More info here.
I've made one model for it, let's just say it's green, big, angry... 's got himself a Hammer and a Name... See who I'm talking about?
It's arriving live soon, pictures of my original work will follow close!

But, as busy as I am, I can have fun too!
Two weeks ago was Café OZ's birthday, Place Blanche, Paris, a great pub where, let's face it, I know some people.
My friend Pierre asked me to make some bodypainting, tribal style, during the night for staff and customers.
I had great time there doing it, and Halloween will follow...

And more things will follow soon, so keep connected!



Anonymous said...

hé pas mal du tout!

bon, je vais rester avec ma coiffeuse tout de même^^

the omnicollective said...

It's always great to hear and see what you're up to, Mikh. I was wondering if you were going to have any pieces in the WoW minis game. I can't wait to see.