Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paolo?!?, Na, Angelo! (HD)

Hi everyone,

I'm now very pleased to present my very first sculpt for Helldorado : Angelo Casaviecchi.

Very proud of it.

...First, it was my first project within the team, kind of challenge because you have to prove you're (still) worth.
...Second, I loved the concept art by Bertrand Benoît.
...Third, physically, Angelo made me think to a very good friend of mine... Paolo Parente!!!!

I tried to catch his presence, his exuberance in this model, and I think I did it pretty well :).
And their face are very close, except for the nose.
He was my model. (Well, let's say he still is :D)

So, I dedicate this model to you, my friend, Paolo.

Made in Fimo, 30mm scale.



Anonymous said...

Congratiulation Mikh,
a very nice sculpt. Very similar to the artwork.

thumbs up ;)


"MIKH" said...

Thanks Cynd,

glad to see that you continue to follow my adventures on this blog ;)