Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cannes... I made it!


last week end, I was in Cannes for the festival...
Nope, not THE festival, but the festival of games, boardgames, cards...

Really great time, it was my first time there, inside Le Palais Des Festivals, and with some of Asmodee Team we shared nice moments.
I was demonstrating as HellDorado sculptor with my colleague DIEU (GOD in English) aka JAG aka Jacques Alexandre Gillois.
As you can see on the picture, there's a trick with him!!!! He is such a good sculptor, for there's someone else around.... Those who know me will recognise my rings... Now it's official! :D )

For my part, I continue to sculpt... As HellDorado sculptor and freelancer as well.
I will this week end post pictures of my first Immortals original models for HD... 
I wanted to post pictures of my last Infinity models, but unfortunately I haven't the models back yet... Hopefully it will be made soon.
And I am currently working on a model for a (very) famous miniatures website... more details soon... or so.

Another news:
You knew Creafigs, famous French forum about miniatures, painting, sculpting...
I had my own topic there, with lot of pics and advises...
It doesn't exist anymore (it seems that everything is lost :( ), but part of the modos and active users have creating a new forum: minicreateurs.
I am myself a member of this new forum, and I hope you'll join us!

Last thing, I'm glad to announce that my good friend Aragorn Marks, Former Rackham Headsculptor, is back in France!!!! He's a freelance sculptor, you may contact him via his own blog (or have a look in links section of this blog).

See you very soon,

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