Sunday, June 28, 2009

André De Montbard (HD)


lately, you may have heard that Asmodee stopped to produce HellDorado.

Still, there are 4 last models to be released, and I've sculpted one of them : André De Montbard, an old templar commander.
I truly loved the concept art by Bertrand Benoît, very Indiana Jones 3 stylish and in a way, usual and attended, but inspiring!
It was a pleasure to sculpt it, and occasion to make a chainmail... again!!!... Actually this time: 30mm human scale!!!!

Pretty happy with the result, I also definitely left Milliput for Magic Sculp for the sword. A new world comes for me with this new material!

Made in Fimo and Magic Sculp, 30mm scale.



Anonymous said...

hmm very interesting

Ter-ibble Lil KnuckleHeads, Life, & Everything Else

Anonymous said...

Salut MIKH, c'est maxime (creed).
Ben comme je te le disais au GD, cette derniere gurine est juste top ! le theme, la scultpure, j'aime beaucoup.
D'ailleurs la derniere fournée pour helldo est assez folle quand meme !

Vénérable Zaïus said...

Absolument superbe !
Incroyable de noblesse, de courage et de détermination !
Un exorciste face au démon récitant ses litanies... MAGNIFIQUE !!

Kingdom Death said...

My mind is blown. That might be one of the best mini's I've ever seen!

Uilian Rock said...

Amazing! =)