Thursday, January 21, 2010

No more commission from now on!


Few quick words to announce that I don't take anymore commission from now on.
I have delays in my current work (still on projects for companies such as Soda Pop, Kingdom Death, Miniature Mentor, Coolminiornot, ...) and will stop for a while sculpting this type of figurines, specially for gaming range.

But I don't quit sculpture, and will continue to inform about my personnal sculpting time! ;)

See you (very) soon with old, older and new projects!



Quelques mots rapides pour vous annoncer que je n'accepte plus de nouvelles commandes à partir d'aujourd'hui et ce pour un certain temps...
J'ai du retard dans mes travaux en cours (finissant des projets pour des sociétés telles Soda Pop, Kingdom Death, Miniature Mentor, Coolminiornot, ...) et je compte arrêter de sculpter ce type figurines, notammant liées au jeu.

Mais je n'arrête pas pour autant la sculpture, et je continuerai à vous informer de mes projets personnels! ;)

À (très) bientôt, avec d'anciens, de plus anciens encore, et de nouveaux projets!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ClockMaker (Infinity)


Now is about another old model made in 2008 for metal production.

For Infinity The Game, he is the Nomads army ClockMaker.
He is actually a bomb maker, but as soon as I saw the character design, I imagined him as a time traveller, or a kind of Matrix character, travelling between dimensions! That's the idea of the picture above.

It was also the first time I had to sculpt this kind of trousers, baggy-style, and even if some don't like it, I do! It was the spirit of the design, so Corvus Belli (the company that runs Infinity) was satisfied too!
And I particularly like the shape of it with this leg pose.

Made in Fimo, about 29mm at eyes.


Blade Master Male (Maître des Lames Homme) - HD.


First of all, Happy New Year to all, I wish you the best for this 2010, with lot of models sculpted and painted! ;)

I show you today the Blade Master Male of the army of The Immortals for HellDorado.
I made this model in 2008, for the army box of the Immortals.

I loved the idea of this box, with some "demon" and some "natural" versions of the same kind of warrior.
For my part, I made both Blade Masters, I should shot pictures of the female soon...

This one is the male, demoniac version, and the concept art was a result of all the ideas we had back in the studio put together.
I took a great pleasure making all the textures of the kind of creepy "Alien" tentacles, and I'm really proud of the result, with a real difference between those and the human warrior.
Making the asian face was a great deal too, and I would say that this was a good new kind of work for me.

I add that HellDorado will be soon released in USA (and everywhere else) by Cipher Studios!

Made in Fimo, the character is about 28mm from heels to eyes.