Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blade Master Male (Maître des Lames Homme) - HD.


First of all, Happy New Year to all, I wish you the best for this 2010, with lot of models sculpted and painted! ;)

I show you today the Blade Master Male of the army of The Immortals for HellDorado.
I made this model in 2008, for the army box of the Immortals.

I loved the idea of this box, with some "demon" and some "natural" versions of the same kind of warrior.
For my part, I made both Blade Masters, I should shot pictures of the female soon...

This one is the male, demoniac version, and the concept art was a result of all the ideas we had back in the studio put together.
I took a great pleasure making all the textures of the kind of creepy "Alien" tentacles, and I'm really proud of the result, with a real difference between those and the human warrior.
Making the asian face was a great deal too, and I would say that this was a good new kind of work for me.

I add that HellDorado will be soon released in USA (and everywhere else) by Cipher Studios!

Made in Fimo, the character is about 28mm from heels to eyes.


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Daniel said...

Absolutely brilliant. Wonderful execution.