Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ClockMaker (Infinity)


Now is about another old model made in 2008 for metal production.

For Infinity The Game, he is the Nomads army ClockMaker.
He is actually a bomb maker, but as soon as I saw the character design, I imagined him as a time traveller, or a kind of Matrix character, travelling between dimensions! That's the idea of the picture above.

It was also the first time I had to sculpt this kind of trousers, baggy-style, and even if some don't like it, I do! It was the spirit of the design, so Corvus Belli (the company that runs Infinity) was satisfied too!
And I particularly like the shape of it with this leg pose.

Made in Fimo, about 29mm at eyes.


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dims said...

Beautifuly sculpted. Although the model looks like he has the fashion sense of a doorknob, the pants are done awesome. I am having trouble with finding the 'clockmaker' theme in it, maybe should have added some gadgets or something?