Sunday, October 15, 2017



Some may have seen (angry) messages on internet about commissions that are delated and still in progress.
That's why I already announced to several contacts that I do not take new commissions for now on, until at least the middle of next year, because I am focusing on finishing these commissions and after this, for the very first time of my life as sculptor, I will try to create something personal.
For now on, I won't be much on social medias, and I will update this blog once it will be worth and finally, with good news.
Thank you for reading this,

The fact that I still have several commissions in progress, and that they have been far too long delated is true.

I encountered several difficulties during the last years, struggling with my sculpture for several reasons that are my own and this is the situation today.

You then may see during the next months several pictures of "new" projects, that are finished and old for some of them or finished and actually, being delated for others.

All of them will have been really interesting and the results already make me proud, I hope everyone will be able to appreciate them !


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hi ! Long time ? Yes !... So, some pictures for you to wait a bit more... ;)

Hello !

Yes, I know.
It's been a very (too) long time since I posted anything.

I have been very focused on different projects, and they are coming to an end for most of them !
At last !

So, before to be able (and have enough time) to write proper articles as I'm used to do here, I give you some pictures of WIPs that I hope you will like !
Starting with... Uh... Remember that Big Polar Bear ? :)

So, let's start with a Dark Elf riding a Polar Bear ! ;)

And if you like what you see, I remind everyone that, of course, I'm still taking commissions ! :)
So, please, contact me via my email address :
Let me know what you have in mind and I'll answer you with pleasure with my details and availability !

Talk to you soon,
Hoping you will like these pictures,

Hello !

Oui, je sais.
Cela fait très (trop) longtemps que j'ai posté quoique ce soit.

Je me suis focalisé sur différents projets, et ils arrivent à leur fin pour la plupart !
Enfin !

Donc, avant de pouvoir (et avoir assez de temps pour) écrire les vrais articles dont j'ai l'habitude sur ce blog, je vous offre quelques images de WIPs que j'espère vous aimerez !
En commençant par... Euh?!... Vous souvenez-vous de ce Gros Ours Polaire ? :)

Alors, commençons avec un Elfe Noir chevauchant un Ours Polaire ! ;)

Et si vous aimez ce que vous voyez, je rappelle à chacun que, bien sûr, je continue à prendre des commandes ! :)
Contactez-moi via mon adresse email :
Dites-moi ce que vous avez en tête et je vous répondrai avec plaisir avec mes détails et disponibilités !

À bientôt,
Espérant que vous apprécierez ces photos,

Work In Progress (before cuts) / Fimo, Metal Wire & Chains, Super Sculpey Firm & Magic Sculp / 2017

Work In Progress / Fimo / 2017

Work In Progress / Fimo, Super Sculpey Firm & Magic Sculp / 2017

Work In Progress / Fimo & Magic Sculp / 2017

Work In Progress / Metal Wire & Duro / 2017