Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fritz, One Shot's Pet... Uh, I mean Little Friend! Don't shoot!


I'm so glad about One Shot's feed back from my last post!
Lot of really nice comments on Facebook, several forums, here...

So, now and before close-ups of the Mecha and One Shot herself, comes Fritz, her Litlle Sniper Acolyte!

A really funny character with this big helmet, reminding me a Looney Tune, very cartoonistic design.
It was fun to sculpt, and new for me. I don't remember using this kind of concept art...

Fritz will be available with One Shot.

As you could see on One Shot concept art in my previous post, he was originally standing on the canon.
But considering expected game rules, I had to anticipate a gaming plastic base and then came up the idea of the skull with the bullet hole.

I even so took a pic (photoshoped it to obtain a cleaner result) with Fritz on the Mecha's canon for the fun.
Might give ideas ;)

15 mm at the top of the spike, made in Fimo, Brass and Magic Sculp.

Enjoy this Little Guy!


monster.0 said...

So minute and full of detail! A nice dichotomy between the dangerous, tech-heavy mech and the smooth cartoon-ish characters that go with it. This whole figure set is really incredible, I have friends who have seen this who do not normally get minis want this. I am looking forward to getting this in hand myself so that I may peruse the detail.

"MIKH" said...

Thanks for these nice words Jason.
I'd be glad if lot of people get this model and enjoy it. It would mean it was worth to do it, to finish it whatever the difficulties!
And if some who aren't used to get into minis want it, that's even better! Means I succeed in my goal!