Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Shot, a Girly Pilot of Mecha.

Hello everyone,

I'm very enthousiastic to see that this model, One Shot and her Mecha, has received a great welcome in the miniature area.

When I am writing those line, I know that Soda Pop Miniatures is completing its very soon release for the end of this very month of April.
And I'm very excited to have returns from people who will purchase it!

I just hope you will still enjoy it when in hands! :)

I still have some pictures to show you till this model is not out yet.

So here comes One Shot herself, pilot of this so special Mecha.

She is only a 1 piece model and completely dissociated from the Mecha, so people who'd like to just use one or the other of these 2 models will be pleased.
Of course, her design fits exactly the Robot.

Lot of pictures, different angles, close-ups, you even can see her with Fritz, her sidekick!
I do hope you will like them!

She is made in Fimo, 30 mm scale.

Enjoy her!

... Soon, the Mecha itself, lot of pics, tons of details! Stay tuned!

(As usual, get bigger pics and better resolution by clicking on each ones!)

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